Why hire a designer to create your roller banner?

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A roller banner can be a valuable promotional tool for a business. It is therefore important that the design is professional and works for your target audience. Here are ten reasons why you should choose to hire a professional graphic designer to create your roller banner artwork.

1. A strong brand
A professional designer will know the importance of brand consistency. They will be able to look at your branding and other promotional material, such as brochures, business cards, stationery etc and make sure that the colours, fonts and over all feel of your banner, falls within your branding and corporate identity. They will be able to incorporate your logo correctly within the design and follow any brand guidelines you might have. A consistent brand will help instil confidence with your target market and as a result increase sales and interest.

2. Quality photos
It is essential that any photos used on your roller banner are of good enough quality for large scale printing, such as a pop-up banner. A designer will be able to check that the resolution is high enough for this scale. This will avoid blurry images, which can spoil a banner and cause it to loose impact. They should also be able to source larger scale photos for you if needed. As well as the resolution, the photos will need to look good! A designer can help ensure any photos work well within the design, which will help to create a professional look and feel to your banner.

3. The right design for your content
Unlike most printed promotional items the whole roller banner is not always visable. It is important to think about where your banner will be displayed and how close any potential customers are going to be. Will there be a table or a stand in front of the banner, will it be set back or will the viewer be able to stand right up to it? A designer will be able to know what is going to work within the banner setting. They will know what size the fonts should be, so the heading catches the attention and the sub content is easy to read and follow. They will be able to place key information in the right place to help ensure vital text is not lost or hidden from view. Their experience will help ensure your banner content is set out in the best way to help promote your business.

4. One stop shop
Most graphic designers will either offer in-house printing or work alongside a printer or selection of printers to offer a design to print service. This can sometimes mean they are able to offer competitive print prices and they are familiar with any printing options you might have, such as finishes, sizes etc. This one stop shop can save you time in obtaining quotes, making your life easier and giving you more time to focus on other things within your business.

5. Save you time and money
Hiring a designer can in the long run save you time and money. They will be able to create an effective design more quickly  and by choosing to not design it yourself, you have more time to devout to the things you are best at within your business. This focus will help ensure your time is more productive, which will in return, help grow your business.

6. A continuation of brand consistency
If you’ve not worked with a graphic designer before, then hiring one to create your banner will give you an opportunity to experience this kind of working relationship. Presuming you are happy with the final outcome and process, you can then use their services for other projects such as a website or a brochure design. They can then ensure further brand consistency throughout your promotional material. They should also pick up on how you prefer to work, for example how much input you like to give or your preferred method of communication. A designer will also come to understand your design preferences which will help with future marketing jobs and also help develop a consistent brand.

7. A professional roller banner design
One of the main reasons why you would hire a professional to carry out any job would be to ensure a high quality finish. A professional designer will be able to create a banner design which not only looks good but one that will attract attention and market your business successfully. Having a banner well designed will help your business image and brand which will in return instil confidence in potential customers. You are more likely to have better results from a professionally designed banner than something you might create yourself.

8. A high quality print ready file
A roller banner design will be one of the larger promotional items you have produced for your business. This will mean that the artwork file may be large, which wouldn’t be a problem for a professional designer. If you were to create the artwork yourself, you may find that your computer is not up to the task. This could result in you needing to reduce the quality of photos and keep the design to a minimum. A designer will be able to work with large scale high quality images and photos with ease. They will also have the right design packages and knowledge to create the artwork and prepare the file for print. This should prevent any design to print errors and avoid any further costs.

9. Help you get the content right
Whilst a designer may not offer a copywriting or proof reading service, they will be another eye to look over the content for your banner. From their experience they can give you their opinion on the quantity of your text. For example, is your main heading too long or do you have too much information on the banner for it to have impact and attract attention? This guidance can really help when compiling your content and it will also help the designer to produce a quality banner design. They can also check over your text and let you know if they spot any mistakes. They will know what will work and can help you ensure you don’t miss off any important information from the design.

10. Meet your deadline!
If you have a deadline to meet a designer should be able to ensure the banner is designed and printed on time. A designer should be able to work more efficiently therefore producing your banner design quicker than if you were creating it yourself. This will mean you can start using your banner sooner and it can start advertising your business and bring in customers. Always check before you place the order how long the design and print process will take. If you have a deadline to meet, make sure you let them know at the start of the process to avoid disappointment. Also check if there are any extra costs should you need a faster design service.

Choosing to hire a designer to create your roller banner is clearly a wise choice. A banner can be a valuable marketing tool and so it is important to get it right!

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