Brochure design – how to get started

I’d like you to design my brochure – what do you need from me? Having a brochure professionally designed will obviously reduce your amount of work.  However there are still lots of things you will need to consider and do before a designer can start working on the project. Here is an easy to follow […]

Which is the best software to use when designing a brochure?

Five logos of different design software packages

Five popular brochure design packages When it comes to designing a brochure there are a number of different software packages available. It’s easy to use the same package for every design project you have but each one has its strengths and weaknesses and so your go to software package might not necessarily be the right […]

How to design a brochure

Front, back and inside pages of a brochure designed by am:pm graphics

Plan & research before you start your brochure The first stage of designing a brochure is to plan & research! This first step is so important to the success of the final outcome. You wouldn’t start to bake a cake, before deciding what kind of cake you want to make, who’s going to eat the […]