Print finishes – What options are available and how to stand out from the crowd

Examples of different print finishes for business cards

In the past, printed marketing materials were, more or less, the most common way of promoting your business at a distance. However, with the explosion of the internet and social media many businesses have opted for a more online approach to marketing. Subsequently though, with many people now suffering from a deluge of emails, bursting […]

A guide to choosing the right paper when printing


You could be forgiven for thinking that once your design has been signed off, that is the end of the process. But for those who are having a design printed, it is worth taking a little time to consider the final item, and why/how it is to be used. Stock weight Paper weight is usually […]

A guide to printing terminology

Printing icons

After many hours work you’re finally happy that your design masterpiece is good enough to set in stone, or in paper at least. You’ve searched the internet and found a reputable company to print it. Now all you need to do is prepare your file for print… Most printers these days will accept a variety […]