How to Create a Successful Website

How to get quality hits and keep visitors! Visitors to your website can come from lots of different sources such as a Google search or a Facebook post. The reasons for someone visiting your website can also be varied, from curiosity, to a need to find an answer to their question. Having lots of hits […]

How to Design a Website – From Start to Finish

A laptop, icons, photos and illustrations

Plan your website! As with most aspects of design, the planning at the start of creating a website is essential. Spending time thinking about what you want the website to achieve will ultimately bring you nearer to achieving that goal! Careful and considerate planning at the beginning can help with avoiding pitfalls and extra work […]

Colours and website design

A range of crayons showing colours

Where to start with my website colours? According to several sources, around half of the people visiting a website don’t come back because of the colour of the website design! Whether this decision is a conscious one or not, the colour of a website plays a crucial role in its success. Which colours you choose […]