How to choose the right colours for your logo

Different colours

At the start of setting up a business it’s easy to get carried away with the creative side of the venture such as the business name, branding and logo. You might have a favourite colour which you instinctively go to and your own taste around what you do and don’t like when it comes to […]

Tokyo 2020 and Logo Design Success Tips

Olympics - Tokyo

Sports enthusiasts or not, most people are likely to have seen at least some footage of the Olympic Games at some point in their lives. The Olympic games have become increasingly popular over the years and the chance to host the games is highly sought after. Each host nation seeks to make their games the […]

Logo design – what, why and how?

A collection of popular logos

When starting up in business there are many different things to consider, a logo being one of them. So why do you need a logo? In order to realise the importance of having a logo it’s essential that you know what a logo actually is. It also helps to look at what the purpose of […]

How to write a logo design brief

A collection of logo designs, created by am:pm graphics

The starting point Whether you choose to hire a professional logo designer or create your own logo, writing a logo design brief is essential. There are so many aspects to your logo which you will need to consider before diving into the design side of things. Perhaps the most obvious starting point is knowing the […]