Top tips for successful flyers


1. Carefully write your copy – flyer copy

  • Attract attention!
  • Make a statement, or offer. Keep it simple – ideally under 15 words.
  • Create interest
  • Develop your proposition.
  • Make sure the reader can see the benefit your product or service will bring.
  • Talk directly to your customer – use words like “you” and “your” etc.
  • Make sure claims are credible.
  • Highlight your USPs (Unique Selling Points)
  • Try something new, be original. This is more likely to generate a positive response.
  • Keep copy punchy and dynamic.
  • Call to action.
  • Ask the reader to do what you want! Call now/visit our shop/visit our website/fill in the form etc.

Don’t forget to include suitable contact details and your web address!

2. Re-read your copy

Get someone else to read your copy and check for errors. Check and double check prices and numbers as these can often be easily missed when proof reading.

3. Consider your design

This flyer may be the first point of contact with new clients. Where possible, get a professional flyer design to maximise your chances of a positive response. Ensure your logo and branding is used consistently to help create a strong image that people will come to recognise.

An A5 flyer is a popular choice but if you are really on a shoestring and using an A6 flyer or smaller, consider the following points:

  • Keep the message clear
  • Work within your existing branding
  • Keep extra fonts simple and legible
  • Don’t overcrowd
  • When using photos/images ensure they are print quality (300dpi) and that you have the right to use the image.

In Conclusion

If you get it right, flyers can be a successful marketing tool to increase your sales. They can be an effective means to announce an event or promotion or simply introduce your business to potential customers/clients.

If you get it wrong, it can tarnish your brand and reputation and will inevitably waste your time and money.

Follow these simple steps and don’t hesitate to get in touch with professional copywriters, designers and distributers, to ensure your flyers will be the success you hope for.

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Top tips for successful flyers

1. Carefully write your copy – flyer copy Don’t forget to include suitable contact details and your web address! 2. Re-read your copy Get someone else